greys pockets is an ongoing vanity project.

My name is grey. This is my personal space on the web where I share things I make. But I don't make much, thus this place is pretty empty. What is here are a few bits of media, graphics, some guides to doing things that take place in both cyberspace and meatspace, essays, and means by which one can contact me.

The best way to get my attention is via encrypted email. You can find my GPG key here. Once you import my key into your key manager, you will be able to glean my email address from it, and send me whatever you want. An easier, but insecure way to contact me is via my Diaspora account. I can also often be found on the Rizon IRC server, in the #/g/punk channel.

Currently I am homeless and working through surviving a specific type of cancer, it will not kill me, but it will make me feel like death for a long time, during which I have been totally unable to work. If you like my photos, my writings or anything else I do, please consider sending me a few cents via bitcoin to help me pay for my medications. My clickable bitcoin address is 1AYpZNYGFyjoL9Mp7SVf1GrgQcPrUwn5pD, and a scanable version is here:

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Earl Grey tea and Thinkpad X60